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Singing Resources

There is a whole world of song, waiting to be discovered...

Song Leaders' Websites

Laurence is a loving elder in the song leading community.  He composes prolifically, and all his songs are designed to carry a message of meaning through an average set of vocal chords. His "Listen to Songs" Section has them all in separate parts.  He also does Grief tending workshops.  If you get a chance to sing with or learn from this man, don't miss it!

Annie Zylstra is an inspired woman of the Plains.  Her songs are rooted in the earth, expressions and reflections of a life well lived!  Her site has lots of community singing songs, and some epic originals she has written.

Gretchen Sleicher runs the Songlines Community Choir in Port Townsend alongside Laurence Cole.  Her site has some great classic community singing songs, many in separate parts. 

Lisa G Littlebird is a potent song leader hailing from California.  Her website has an extensive song library organized by type or A-Z.  She also holds a six-week "Flight School": online course for song leaders!

There is a whole network of small town community choirs in the UK!  here is their hub.  it links to many choir leaders' websites, and has a free featured sheet music download  every month.  Their "resources" section has tons of songbooks.  And if you happen to be traveling there, they also host a song leader training.

Barbara McAfee's Full Voice is a therapy, a strategy, training, a book, and a philosophy.  It is a method of approaching the voice from an elemental standpoint, and can unlock our inner psyche and that of those speaking around us. 

Based in Victoria, BC, This training is lead by Denis Donelly and Siobhan Robinsong, the two choir directors who ran the 300-member-strong Gettin' Higher Choir for twenty years.  They are the Jedi masters of song teaching.  Song Leaders who've attended include Annie Zylstra, Laurence Cole, Gretchen Sleicher, Liz Rog, and myself.  

This massive training resource can be helpful for delving into the depths of learning music in general.  It can be utilized with any instrument, and definitely the voice.  It has plenty of paid and free content alike. 

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