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"Yuri is not only a gifted song leader at the micro level (song selection, methodical teaching, adjusting our tuning & tone, giving helpful and appropriate feedback), but at the macro: his overarching vision for what “singing together” can do for us individually and communally is inspiring. In short: it feels amazing to be led by Yuri! Treat yourself and go learn from him."

                                                                                                      -Jessica Kaufman


"Singing in Yuri’s choir has allowed me to hear music in a deeper way, has given me the confidence to pull harmonies out of all songs I hear, has connected me to amazing people in my community I may not have found otherwise. I’ve been mesmerized by the magic of hearing 3 or 4 or 6 parts come together into beautiful harmonies since the first practice."

                                                                                                   -Ellison Graham

"Yuri leads songs with grace, humor, exuberance, and kindness.  He has a way of embodying the meaning of a song as he teaches it that draws folks into the joyous collective pleasure of feeling the song singing through them.  This ancient "technology of belonging" comes alive under his gentle, confident touch, engendering true togetherness as a sweet antidote to  these times of stress and disconnection."

                                                                                                          -Laurence Cole


"Yuri is my favorite choir leader. Both intelligent and engaging, Yuri's passion for song comes though with every note, and creates a group cohesiveness that is as mesmerizing as it is heartwarming."

                                                                                              -Jon Handleman

"Yuri's song leading recalls the power of song to bring people together. Responding to the energy of each group, he strikes a harmonious balance between challenge and accessibility. With song Yuri brings vital heartening presence to our gatherings and days."

                                                                                         -Claire Liss


"I'm always impressed when 4 parts of harmony fit into a single persons head simultaneously.  As a choir director Yuri holds space for all levels, relaxed fun and as much or as little challenge as you want.  Come Sing!"

                                                                                                  -Meredith Parsons


"It had been 3-4 years since I had sung in a community chorus. I was at a 
crossroads in my life and in the process of healing my wounded spirit. I 
thought singing would help, and I was right. I think what really made a 
difference was my good fortune in finding the right chorus and the right 
teacher. Yuri chose the perfect repertoire of inspirational, uplifting 
songs that everyone could sing.

Yuri's teaching style was casual, connective and encouraging. One of my 
favorite things about Yuri is seeing him in a blissful state when 
surrounded by our voices. He obviously loves what he is doing. When our 
singing was especially cohesive, at the end of the song Yuri would 
spring into a playful elfin dance.

That first season, I was about double the age of most of the other 
chorusters. But the youthful spirit and acceptance of both Yuri and the 
other singers was welcoming and rejuvenating. Each week, I walked in a 
60-year-old man. I walked out feeling 56!"

                                                                                                                  -David Lynch


"Yuri is a most fun song leader. He challenges and inspires.  i like the songs he chooses. I sing with him as often as i can. "

                                                                                                 -Alinahh Ever

"For me, singing is like biting into a warm blueberry muffin. I mean, for me, singing is like finding a bunch of baby kittens in your winter sweaters that you were storing under your bed in the summer. I mean, singing is like that feeling when you peel off the masking tape after painting a room. I mean, singing is like waking up early and wandering through the thick fog and only discovering all the flowers and all the birds when you get up close to them, but they were there the whole time…"
                                                                                                 -Rachel Shopper

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