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Practice Tracks

~A note on cultural appropriation~

•Recordings are for your ears only! Do not disseminate.  For real.  It's illegal.•

•And bare with me on some of these, they're quite imperfect.  Sometimes its flat by the end of the recording, or my voice is straining.  But I hope these rough cuts get the basic parts across!•

•If a track glitches, try refreshing the page.

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                                   1.  Create a shortcut to his page on your desktop
                                   2. Use the search function to find the song you're looking                                          for.  ctrl. + F or cmmd. + F 

Jubilate Deo - Michael Praetorius

A quick and easy opener round meaning "Rejoice" or "rejoice in God". A great back-pocket song.

Jubilate Deo (one part) - Michael Pretorius
Right Place Right Time - Samara Jade

This reassuring and seriously groovy tune speaks to the sentiment of acceptance and moving with the "crazy world" we live in, to ride the wave of what surrounds us rather than bemoan it.  Good thoughts, and a really fun and catchy sing!

Practice Tracks

Part 1:
I believe that I'm in the right place at the right time,
This wave is crashing down and it's the one for me to ride.
Part 2:
Ebb and flow, rising falling
Part 3: 
Crazy world, crazy time.  Gonna let go of what ought to be, and hang on for the ride.

Remembering Who We Are - Susie Ro Prater

Remembering who we are by Susie Ro Prater

Remembering Who We Are Soprano - Susie Ro Prate
Remembering Who We Are Alto - Susie Ro Prater
Remembering Who We Are Tenor - Susie Ro Prater
Remembering Who We Are Bass - Susie Ro Prater
Full Moonlight Dance (Spirit's Dance) - Karen Beth, (Popularized by Libana)

A mesmerizing and hypnotic round that reminds me of the feelings of spinning and spiraling. 

Under the full moon light we dance
Spirits' dance we dance

joining hands we dance

joining souls rejoice

Full Moonlight Dance (one part) - Karen Beth, (Popularized by Libana)
Winter - John Krumm

One of my favorite rounds! High energy - turning the singers into a workshop of elves... It is one of four seasonal rounds John Krumm composed on his album of nothing but rounds.  There are places to add claps that adds an extra element.  

When the Winter comes we gather,
to dance and sing together
When the winter comes we gather, 
to dance our cares away.
Everybody clap hands, Everybody sing now
Sing a song of gladness, sing a song of joy
Winter, cold Winter, blows hard upon my windowpane
dance 'round the fire, till springtime comes again!


Net of Rememberance - Ahlay Blakely

An instant classic! This song is hot off the presses from Seattle-based songleader, activist, and grief-tender Ahlay Blakely.  It reminds us that we don't need to hold the story alone.  We all hold a part.  And so fun to sing with a drone, a building part, and a chanting crescendo.  

Everyone feels and carries different parts of the story
And together we weave, we weave a net of rememberance
We were not made; we were not created to hold this; hold this all alone


Net of Rememberance - One Part - Ahlay Blakely
Let the Circle Be Wide - Tommy Sands, Arr.Bruce Knight

I have been hunting for this arrangement for about four years, and finally found it. A couple Winters ago I arranged it myself but wasn't satisfied with the outcome.  Mine had more going on, but I like the simplicity here. Just to make things needlessly complicated, you can find my arrangement under the Winter 2020 archive. Tommy Sands is an American songwriter, though this song is Celtic influenced.  Here is the Original.  A sweet song about inclusion and welcome.   

Let the circle be wide ‘round the fireside

And we’ll soon make room for you.
Let your heart fell no fear

For there’re no strangers here.
Just friends that you never knew.

Teaching Tracks

Alleluia - Denis Donelly

One of my mentors from BC composed this.  He said, roughly, “There are so many songs that only use ‘Alleluia’, that I wanted to make a really special one, and only do it once.  This is my alleluia”.  

All Come Together To Sing - Helen Yeomans

Classic Helen Yeomans, this one speaks for itself.

We have all come together to sing

alay alay alay

release the burdens of yesterday

may our hearts beat the tune
for our dreams of tomorrow

allelu, allelu allelu-u

allelu, allelu, allelu-u


All Come Together To Sing Soprano - Helen Yeomans
All Come Together To Sing Alto - Helen Yeomans
All Come Together To Sing Tenor - Helen Yeomans
All Come Together To Sing Bass - Helen Yeomans

A Hark community choir classic way back from the beginning, Unto this Land is a Marriage vow to the earth. I great example of Natural Voice Network style, a call and response, parts joining and branching apart, animist sensibility.

Unto this land, my heart I seal, 

to always love and cherish as my own

and through my veins her crystal waters flow

to the ocean of my soul.

Unto this land, I shall return

when all my days upon this earth are done

and in her arms, I lay my body down

and my heart will have found its home.

Unto This Land Soprano - Helen Yeomans
Unto This Land Alto - Helen Yeomans
Unto This Land Tenor - Helen Yeomans
Unto This Land Bass - Helen Yeomans
Life Is - Annie Zylstra

What a magical tag line. To be remembering how to return to the presence in feeling "all is well".  I feel constantly in the struggle to remember to tap into the goodness all around me. And this song speaks as well as shows that.  Its almost as if the melody line is a person rambling along a lane, while the beautiful droning overlays are the omnipresent magic we can choose to tap into...

-This life is an act of learning how to be ever returning to the living stream of all is well
-This life, return, come on home, come on home, all is well.
- This life is learning, ever returning, all is well.


Melody -
High Overlay -
Middle Overlay -
Counter Melody -
When We Come Into Our Calling - Laurence Cole

The source of this website's name, and a reminder to shine bright with your gifts in the world, because it makes you a permissionary for those around you.  Laurence wrote it when he was training to become a choir leader, and it resonated with me when I was in the same place.  It's a great simple round to carry with you, and good words to live by.

When we come into our calling

We become bells

Calling to everyone else:

Oh come, come into your calling!

When We Come Into Our Calling (One Part) -
Pool of Love - Alexa Sunshine Rose

Such a sweet song! A blessing song with straightforward harmonies that gives everything you would want in such a song.  soaring highs, rich, thick harmony, intuitiveness, and positivity.  Fun to sing!

May the pool of love we have gathered here

spread its wings and fly, far and near

from the depths of our hearts

to the farthest star

may our love bless everyone

may our love bless everyone

Pool of Love Melody - Alexa Sunshine Rose
Pool of Love High Part - Alexa Sunshine Rose
Pool of Love Low Part - Alexa Sunshine Rose
Yes - Sheikinah Glory Ministry

This song can strike instant resonance for a lot of people.  It was introdiced to me by Laurence Cole, who simplified this arrangement.  The original is very specifically Christian, though the message of fully saying "yes!" to something is a powerful one, no matter how it lands in your own heart.

Yes - soprano
Yes - alto
Yes - tenor
Yes - bass (octave up)
Rutabaga - Joanne Hammil

-broccoli, kale, rutabaga, brussels sprouts

-who would name a food rutabaga

-believe it or not, rutabaga tastes good

-mama says to eat your vegetables, even, that's right, rutabaga

Rutabaga - broccoli, kale... - Joanne Hammil
Rutabaga - who would name... - Joanne Hammil
Rutabaga - mama says to eat - Joanne Hammil
Rutabaga - believe it or not... - Joanne Hammil
Dosewalips Love Song - Gretchen Sleicher

Melody - I will lay me down by the river. I will lay me down and rest. I will lay me down by the river and know the world is blessed.

High part - I lay down by the water's edge. I lay down and know I'm blessed

Low part - Water heal me with your song. Whisper love poems all night long

Dosewalips - melody - Gretchen Sleicher
Dosewalips - high part - Gretchen Sleicher
Dosewalips - low part - Gretchen Sleicher
Finnish Herding Song - unknown

Finnish Herding Song, oley leyloyla

Finnish Herding Song - one part -
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