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When we come into our calling
We become bells
Calling to everyone else
Oh Come, Come into your calling!
                                             -Laurence Cole

Together in Song


Yuri Woodstock, Community Song Leader

Come sing with us!

•  This is an invitation for you.  Yes you!  If you sing in the shower, while doing the dishes, or while walking in the woods, this is the choir for you.

•  Join our Non-auditioned, experiential singing groups and be surprised at the harmony we can make together-all voices welcome!

•  Like a yoga class, expect to leave feeling a mixture of bliss, learning, and expansion.

•  These choirs are for y o u ! Not geared towards performance as much as experience, fun, depth, and connection.


Join the Choir

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• Autumn Choir runs October 3 - November 26 
• Sign up now to get a spot!
• Guests are welcome! New people can come to one session Free
Hark! runs four seasons a year, at two locations:



Wednesday Nights in Montford | Monday Afternoons in Weaverville



Mondays, 7-9  
Homewood Castle,


-Mondays, 5-7 @ Weaverville Yoga, 

Wednesdays, 7-9  
Homewood Castle,



"For me, singing is like biting into
              a warm blueberry muffin.

                                                                                          -Rachel Shopper


Membership Perks

• Two to Four hours of weekly singing
• Become a part of a vibrant song community
• Access to online practice tracks
• Learn songs from other cultures
• All songs taught by ear
• Learn four-part harmonies
• Sing in resonant, gorgeous venues.
• Imbue your daily moments with irresistible new tunes.
• Opportunity to attend the end-of-season Hark! Soirée

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"...Am I a falcon, a storm, or a great song?"