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Practice Tracks

~A note on cultural appropriation~

•Recordings are for your ears only! Do not disseminate.  For real.  It's illegal.•

•And bear with me on some of these, they're quite imperfect.  Sometimes its flat by the end of the recording, or my voice is straining.  But I hope these rough cuts get the basic parts across!•

•If a track glitches, try refreshing the page.

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                                   1.  Create a shortcut to his page on your desktop
                                   2. Use the search function to find the song you're looking                                          for.  ctrl. + F or cmmd. + F 

All Around Me - Karly Loveling

  An important reminder to count our blessings.  There is so much to be thankful for, and at times our minds can be like velcro to negative things in life, while acting like teflon to the good stuff.  Daily gratitude practice is so helpful to keep things in perspective, and having this song stuck in your head works pretty well!

Practice Tracks
All around me are blessings
raining down

all around me

All that Open Water - Laurence Cole

In this song, Laurence captures that moment of bewonderment that takes place when a vast body of water opens up before you. He has a detailed account (and his own stellar practice tracks!) on his website here, so these are kind of redundant, but enjoy!

Practice Tracks

When I saw all that open water
something opened in my soul
I felt the peace in the beauty of all that is
reminding me all is one, all is round, all is full
all is well, all is whole.


Alleluia - Denis Donelly

One of my mentors from BC composed this.  He said, roughly, “There are so many songs that only use ‘Alleluia’, that I wanted to make a really special one, and only do it once.  This is my alleluia”.  

Autumn Light - Yuri Woodstock

This song came to me as I was watching the sun go down on a brisk Fall evening.  The deepening color complexity in the leaves' melancholy yet celebratory changing; overlaid with the echo of that same bittersweet transition in the day's cycle into nightfall.  Every Autumn I feel like I'm coming home.


Practice Tracks

Part 1:
Autumn light fading right into the end of day
Autumn air, lead me where I'm home, home to stay.
Part 2:
The day is leaving, the stars have come
Part 3:
The color of dreams, the color of dusk
The color of peach, the color of rust
Part 4:
Fading into all my dreaming

Baskets of Harmony - Samara Jade, Te Martin, MaMuse

Crafting an object, all that is around us and inside us is reflected in what we create.  This song was co-created by a group of friends, asking themselves, "what is it that I'd like to put into this sacred object as my hands work? What do I want to weave into my life in this moment? crafting as prayer.

Baskets of Harmony - Melody - Samara Jade, Te Martin, MaMuse
Baskets of Harmony - High - Samara Jade, Te Martin, MaMuse
Baskets of Harmony - Low - Samara Jade, Te Martin, MaMuse
Be Open - Debbie Nargi Brown

Debbie Nargi Brown  Is yet another song leader percussionist virtuoso, based near Santa Cruz.  This is a fun insta-song reminding us that we don't know what is going to happen, so we may as well be open to positive outcomes.